Social Media Guide for Job Seekers

Appear Professional Online & Offline

What you post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn says a lot about you. More than 70% of employers check candidate’s social media as part of their hiring process to determine if they’re suited to the role.

Our comprehensive Employee Social Media Guide helps you understand the dos and the don’ts of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and how to optimise your LinkedIn profile so you can the best impression online.




Our specialist recruiters have put together this guide to help you understand:

  • What recruiters look for
  • What not to post
  • How to set your profiles to private
  • How to optimise your LinkedIn for best results

The Employee Social Media Guide will help you make your online presence a commodity rather than a burden when searching for a job.


Social Media Guide for Job Seekers

While social media exists predominantly for personal use, these days it also plays a significant role in the professional realm.

Make sure your social presence is helping rather than hindering your job-seeking efforts.


Optimising your LinkedIn

We show you how to enhance each element in your profile to maximise success.

How to go private

Learn how to set each of your social profiles on private, so you can control what’s seen.

What not to post

Understand which photos, comments and endorsements are acceptable and which to avoid.

Social media best practices

Expert advice on how to conduct yourself in a way that sees you to put your best foot forward.

Put your best foot forward. Learn how to make an impression with the Ultimate Interview Guide.

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