Engineering Career Resources

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Bayside Personnel’s experienced consultants have developed a range of useful resources to help job applicants fulfil their career goals within the engineering and technical professions.

From practical tips to helping you avoid common mistakes, these tools give you the knowledge and confidence you need to progress your career and make a significant impact in the workforce.

Our job application tools include:

  • Downloadable Application Tools
  • The Ultimate Interview Guide
  • Social Media Guide for Job Applicants

Our specialist consultants and free resources can
help you reach your potential.


Whether you’re new to the workforce or looking for a career change, having a perfectly tailored, professional resume will attract the attention of prospective employers.

Many jobs also require the submission of a cover letter, which serves to expand upon the information found in a resume.

Utilising years of industry experience, Bayside Personnel’s consultants have created free resume templates that are specific to the engineering and technical professions, as well as a cover letter writing tool.

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Common Interview Questions & Responses

Answering interview questions can be a daunting prospect for any job seeker, which is why it pays to prepare in advance.

We’ve created this list of common interview questions you may be asked, and provided some best responses that will position you as an ideal candidate.


Engineering & Technical Interview Guide

Our Engineering and Technical Interview Guide provides you with expert advice on what to expect and how to behave in a job interview.

With practical, useful advice, you’ll learn important pre-interview preparation skills, how to deliver the best answers, ask the right questions and make the best impression.

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Social Media Guide

More than 70% of employers check a candidate’s social media profile as part of their hiring process, so it’s imperative for job applicants to follow best practice.

Our Social Media Guide teaches you how to optimise your LinkedIn profile, advises you on what’s appropriate to post and how to avoid pitfalls that could hinder your employability.

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Resignation Letter

Resigning is something that most employees will do at some point in their working lives. But this doesn’t make the experience any easier.

Our resignation letter template can help you leave on good terms and with the best chance of a glowing recommendation.